High-tech drawing lubricants and coatings

Pan Chemicals is an Italian company producing high tech drawing lubricants and coatings for the wire industry.


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In 2017 they had reached their 30th year of activity, consolidating certified experience in the drawing industry. The program includes these products.

- Dry drawing lubricants “Panlube S”, calcium, sodium, and aluminium and combined products for low and high carbon steel and stainless steel

- Wet drawing lubricants “Panlube L”, oils, greases and pastes for wet drawing of low and high carbon, welding wire, stainless steel and non-ferrous wire

- Lubricant carriers “Pancover” with phosphates, non-reactive coatings and polymer coatings

- “Panflux” to improve the efficiency of the galvanising process, and

- “Panchem” degreasing agents, pickling inhibitors, protective products, activated charcoal and wiping pads, spiral brushes and more.

Pan Chemicals focused on research and development of new products for specific applications. Particular attention is dedicated to the development of ecological products to comply with international regulations.

In addition to the chemical and auxiliary products, the Engineering department offers different solutions for mechanical descaling and coating+drying, along with rotating die boxes and die reconditioning equipment.

Pan Chemicals S.p.A.

Interwire 2019, booth 1616

 Tel.: +39 035 977488


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