04/05/2023 – Brand-new features for fiber optic cable production

High speed for data

At the Rosendahl Nextrom booth, everything will revolve around the topic of data transmission. Whether metal conductors or optical fiber – Rosendahl Nextrom has significantly optimized its manufacturing solutions in both areas over the last years, pushing the limits of what is possible.


“RL-R” lose tube production line for fiber optical cables © Rosendahl Nextrom


“OFC 21/OFC 22” high speed optical fiber ribbon line © Rosendahl Nextrom


The company will present several brand-new features for fiber optic cable production:
– a high-speed fiber launching system, making continuous PP dry tube production easy
– an entirely redesigned fiber cutter, saving time and material waste
– a new die system for jelly filling, significantly enhancing process stability
– a dual-clenching system, increasing production speed up to 25%
– an advanced ribbon cable technology for superior optical performance, and excellent mechanical strength, including a buffering process for rollable ribbons

There is also news in the field of metal communication cables:
– an AI-based algorithm delivers outstanding results in the foaming process.
– tighter tolerances and improved electrical properties are possible.
– the smart control of gas flow for foam systems leads to a perfectly repeatable quality.
– start-up scrap is significantly reduced.

With these improved processes, Rosendahl Nextrom machines provide the best preconditions for high-performance data cables, such as Cat8, and special cables for use in medicine, aerospace, and military applications.

This year, Rosendahl Nextrom will be accompanied by Thomas Hoffmann, an industry expert, specialized in commercial data cables. If you would like to take a critical review of your current portfolio, identify long-term deficits and potentials, or find your way through the jungle of international standards and guidelines, stop by for a free consulting session.

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