26/05/2022 – Mesh and butt welding machines

High precision as the main focus

At “wire”, the main focus for Ideal will be on the exhibition and presentation of the “GAM 816” mesh welding machine and the “STS 020” butt welding machine, as well as their innovations. Ideal-Werk offers solutions for welding applications - from series machines to customized and customer-oriented special solutions.


The “GAM 816”, mesh welding machine for the industrial sector. © Ideal-Werk


The “STS 020”, butt welding machine for wire coil ends in vertical position. © Ideal-Werk


“Quality or quantity? Which should we focus on?” – Ideal-Werk offers a solution for both points. In order to achieve full customer satisfaction and customer experience, both points are addressed and absorbed in the “GAM 816”. The classic machine for the industrial sector convinces with a new cross wire magazine that runs 200 cycles, representing an increase in quantity. The quality is strengthened by a penetration depth control, as this results in a lower quantity of rejects.

The Ideal “STS 020” butt welding machine is the solution for welding, annealing and shear deburring of wire coil ends in vertical position. Both a high degree of wear resistance and the separation of a ring-shaped burr into two halves after deburring offer the highest precision. The process sequence of the “STS 020” is fully automatic and all product-specific parameters are centrally controlled. Furthermore, the butt welding machine offers parameter control and archiving of welding parameters. The collegues of Ideal-Werk are looking forward to get in touch with customers personally again at “wire” and explain further information about the welding machines.

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