Heat treatment detection station

The heat treatment detection is done with the eddy current method. In the models based on rotary table such as the models “MCV1”, “MCV3” and “MCV4”, the eddy current station can be equipped with a cylindrical probe positioned and set over the head part, or with a fork-coil probe where the shank of the screws are passing through.


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100% automatic inspection, measuring and sorting machines manufactured by Dimac Srl can be equipped with one or more heat treatment detection stations as optional. In the “MCV2” slant V-Track model, a tunnel-coil type probe is positioned along the V-Track. For these types of applications, it is very important to arrange conforming and not conforming samples. The not conforming samples divided into hardness classes are essential for a precise setting of the detection device that makes a comparison with the conforming parts to fix the not conforming threshold signal. The eddy current device makes a scan of the part, using up to 24 frequency ranges to detect each minimum variation onto the material structure. Dimac cooperates with the most important NDT device manufacturers for the inspection of the material quality and the testing of the heat treatment. During the last two years, several tests on NDT inspection have been made by Dimac, on difficult materials such as aluminum and stainless steel with very satisfactory results”.


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