From small wire machines to complete lines

Lämneå Bruk offers a broad and diversified portfolio ranging from small machines to complete lines of wire machinery. Starting with five machines for high-quality rod preparation, the Swedish company offers a reversed bending descaler in several different sizes for effective cleaning of low to high carbon wires.


© Lämneå Bruk


© Lämneå Bruk


The second machine – a descaler by brushing – is equipped with an intelligent brush pressure detection system. This feature combined with the eight brushes which are adjusting to the wire, leads to optimal cleaning results in combination with an extended brush lifetime. Furthermore, this machine has a very user-friendly plug-in installation. Other machines in the rod preparation portfolio include a sandpaper descaling machine with two sanding belts and a self-levelling wire running position. The compact mechanical descaler by waterjet and the candocoat cleaning and lubricant coating machine complete the rod preparation portfolio.

As a next production step and to prepare the wire for further processing, Lämneå Bruk offers a complete pay-off portfolio. The five machines comprise the rod pay-off vertical with tilting coil holders with big round drum design, the rotating pay-off vertical with tilting and expanding, the flyer pay-off vertical, the flipper pay-off horizontal as well as the flyer pay-off horizontal. The latter one can be equipped with a motor-driven Flyer and pusher for a streamlined wire preparation process.

Lämneå Bruk is mostly known for its innovative drawing machines. The company offers three different types which are unique in the industry, a straight line, a loop line as well as a control line. All drawing machines have a flexible block set-up which allows starting, to finish on, and bypass any block depending on each customer’s preferences and requirements. All blocks have v-grooves which create a double cooling effect from inside the block. A special feature Lämneå Bruk offers is the easy combination of the straight and loop wire drawing line. The same die-box set-up allows to change between the two systems by simply adjusting the PLC control screen, without any additional mechanical adjustments.

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