29/05/2022 – Cable production

Fastest banding with lowest tension forces

Kurre Systems will present a new generation of high-speed taping machines at “wire” in Düsseldorf. The newly developed machine can tape reliably and evenly at a speed of 1500 revolutions per minute, even with the lowest tension forces down to 1N.


Specialized in tension-sensitive winding materials – the new taping machine from Kurre Systems. © Kurre


This is possible because the tension force of the taping material (film, fleece, etc) is actively measured and readjusted via an integrated dancer. Even unsintered PTFE in a width of 3mm can be used at the maximum speed. In addition any deviations in tension force are made visible and will be logged. The advantage in this, is it’s ability to process even the most sensitive products reliably.

 The taping process is displayed on a second monitor via a stroboscopic lamp and a camera. This allows the operator to observe the process easily and handle immediately. Round and oval products, from a standing or rotating process, are thus optimally banded.

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