21/10/2020 – wire 2020 update

Extruders, screws and barrels as well as cleaning machines

MTT (Machinery Technology Trading) GmbH will not participate in the Austrian Pavillon at “wire” 2020.




MTT shows Extruder, Screws and Barrels as well as Cleaning Machines and Microfinishing Equipments for extruder parts and extrusion tooling. MTT develops innovative extruders for the wire and cable production with tech and standard polymers including fluoropolymers among others in the field of Automotive Cables, Communication Cables, Optical Fiber Cables and Special Cables. Beside manufacturing of extruders the core business of MTT is the measurement, design recommendation and supply of screws as well as customized Retrofits of extrusion lines with an overall concept for the control, the electronics as well as the mechanics of the line. Furthermore MTT produces modern, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning machines for screws, barrels, crossheads, wire guides, dies, breaker plates or injection molds. During the special process there is no dimension increase or danger of surface damages of the part during cleaning. Moreover with MTT High Tech Microfinish Equipments it is possibe to make a special surface finish in order to increase the productivity in the usage of extruder parts and extrusion toolings.

MTT – Machinery Technology Trading GmbH
wire 2020, no participation in this year
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