09/06/2022 – Cable production

Equipment for the manufacture of optical fibre and power cables

KHU Sondermaschinen have entered into a co-operation with leading optical fibre specialists Medek+Schoerner. This co-operation resulted in the development of high speed manufacturing systems: Ribbon bundling units with “ULTS-HS crossbinder”.


Ultra Low Tension High Speed Crossbinder “ULTS-HS”. © KHU


Ribbon stranding units with “SZ40” strander. © KHU


KHU will present its latest development, the brand new: Ultra Low Tension High Speed Crossbinder “ULTS-HS”

Technical Highlights:
– Speed 5000rpm
– Tension regulated 40cN – 50cN
– Suitable for yarn and flat product
– Reserve cops

Also on display, KHU’s best seller: KHU SZ-Stranding Machine “SZ40”

Technical Highlights:
– Speed 2500rpm
– 3000rpm overspeed before reversal
– Reversal time 20 milliseconds
– Cable constructions up to 7 x 16mm²
– Stand alone unit, easy for integration into extrusion lines

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