02/05/2023 – Cable production

Equipment for stranding and cabling

The well-known Spanish manufacturer Flymca is changing its internal technical departments to specialise and improve its customer service.


Production focus on its top class standard equipment for stranding and cabling. © Flymca


Flymca’s sales are mostly 100% to cut edge companies from European countries as well as USA but also standard equipment for advanced companies from north of Africa, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia.

Its production focus continues to be on the first-class standard equipment for stranding and cabling machines, which are well recognised in the market for their productivity and reliability as rigid stranders, bow cablers or skip stranders, tubulars, planetaries and drum twisters. At the same time, a second focus is placed on the customized equipment, that is machinery specifically developed for customers looking for products for the manufacture of special cables such as off-shore, submarine, umbilical and wire steel ropes for oil and gas industries. In these years, submarine cables for high voltage and fibre optic cables are in particularly high demand.

The most important equipment that is required:
– Rigid stranders for bobbins dia. 630mm or 800mm, prepared for production up to 4,000mm² with round, rectangular or trapezoidal wires and multiple number of options to add water blocking compounds, tapes, yarns, etc.

Armouring lines are the second type of requirement that is filling the production capacity to its limits:
 – Machines prepared for bobbins dia. 800mm or 1,000mm with multiple number of them. Cages prepared to work in planetary and rigid modes with automatic change over, cages working in automatic and bobbin loading systems that accelerate their replacement. Those lines include PP-yarn and bitumen applicators as well as special caterpillars for heavy pulling.

 The projects for aerial cable continue being an important part of its sales as the non-stop bow cabling production including accumulator with specific systems for taping and cutting the cables to minimize the stopping times as well as several rigid stranding lines with complete automated process.

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