22/06/2023 – The “Centerview 8000” ensures best cable quality in production lines

Eccentricity measurement of cables

For more than 15 years Sikora's “Centerview 8000” has guaranteed reliable online measurement of diameter, eccentricity and ovality in cable lines. With more than 2,100 devices sold worldwide, the product family is the industrial standard.


The “Centerview 8000” measures the eccentricity, ovality and diameter of cables. © Sikora


The “Centerview 8000” worldwide in use. © Sikora


The numbers prove it: When it comes to eccentricity, the “Centerview 8000” is set. Customers worldwide rely on the non-contact measuring system for quality control of their products, providing continuous online eccentricity, diameter and ovality measurement at highest measuring accuracy. The system measures cable dimensions and ensures minimal material consumption and cost savings while maintaining product specifications. Two models are available, covering diameters from 0.25mm (optionally 0.1mm) to 10mm and 0.5mm to 25mm. There is a great demand for high-quality cables and lines to be able to successfully manage future-oriented projects such as the expansion of the network infrastructure or the switch to e-mobility. The “Centerview 8000” supports this with its wide range of applications. Whether thin coaxial cables, standard data cables, automotive cables or thicker battery cables – the system is a true all-rounder and always ensures the highest product quality.

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