Double twist stranding machine

Eurodraw Wire Equipment will be present at “wire” with ;two types of equipment: The first one is a large wire drawing machine that implements the latest technical developments with regards to capstan cooling.

The cooling system was modified taking into account the studies on the cooling system made to develop an ultra-high-speed wire drawing machine which is currently running on a consistent base at 50m/s when producing 1.25mm wire. This system is progressively being introduced on all models of wire drawing machines of the company. This new cooling system gives outstanding results for both low and high carbon and stainless-steel wire allowing the machines to operate at speeds that are by far superior to what is currently available on the market.

The second machine, the “DT6+1/400”, is a complete novelty and a revolutionary double twist stranding machine designed to produce 1+6 steel strands. It combines the advantages of the in-out configuration which allows the use of large take-up spools, high capacity feed wire spools and the operational speed of the double twist system. In comparison with equivalent traditional tubular stranding machines, the operation speed is basically triple which means, one DT6+1/400 machine covers the production of three tubular machines covering just half the space required for just one tubular strander. The power consumption is a fraction of what is required for a tubular strander and finally the quality of the end product is by far superior as the consistency of the filament wires tension is not subject to the centrifugal force while the machine is rotating. The DT6+1/400 machine is the safest machine for the production of steel strands with the lowest noise level.

The Eurodraw Wire Equipment product range includes also single or multi wire surface plating lines, wet drawing machines, welding wire and electrodes production equipment, PC strand and PC wire production equipment and high-performance Cold rolling lines, Tire cord production plants.

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