Continuous extrusion machines and cold pressure welders

BWE Ltd is a British engineering company specialising in continuous extrusion machines and cold pressure welders. “Conform” and “Conklad“ are well-established continuous extrusion technologies in the non-ferrous, cable and tube industries.






Typical applications for Conform include Copper and Aluminium Rectangular Wire (Magnet Wire for Transformers), Solid Aluminium Conductor (SAC for cables) Copper Bus Bar, Trolley Wire and other shaped conductors, Round Refrigeration Tube, Multiport or PFC Tubes in different alloys.

 Conklad technology is available for applications such as AS Wire, OPGW, CATV, Sheathed Composite Cores, Reinforced Aluminium Wire and other similar products requiring an aluminium sheath or non-ferrous cladding.

BWE’s “Sheath Ex” technology is the perfect solution for seamless aluminium sheathing of high voltage cables. ‘Corrugated’ (helical or annular) or ‘Smooth’ options are available and open for discussion.

 The Sheath Ex process provides a continuous and seamless aluminium sheath with no weld. The aluminium sheath has good conductivity, ideal environmental properties, light in weight and proven reliability. By using standard CCR aluminium rod, the material costs are very low, making Sheath Ex a cost effective method of sheathing medium, high and extra-high voltage power cables.

 BWE continue to develop new products and a new Conform machine will be supplied to Sheffield University (UK) in 2020. Following extensive and successful trials at BWE, Sheffield University will use the machine to continue their development of processing Titanium Powders into a solid wire or strip profile for automotive springs. Other applications include Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM), which is rapidly becoming a more attractive way of 3D printing metals.

 Proving trials and demonstrations are available at BWE’s headquarters in Ashford, Kent, England. BWE’s research and development department will consider and prove any new application prior to investment.

 BWE also manufactures and supplies a complete range of cold welders and dies for a fast, cost-effective and reliable solution to welding non-ferrous materials from fine wire to round rod. A range of machines will be on display and available for demonstration.

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