Complete range of lubricants for wire drawing

Traxit provides the wire drawing industry with a complete range of lubricants to suit all types of wire for all applications. From simple beginnings in 1881 in Schwelm, Germany, Traxit has grown to be one of the largest wire drawing lubricant producers in the world.


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Manufacturing facilities are located in Germany, China and North America. The company has more than 250 different formulations in its product range. Challenges for carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire and galvanized wire:
- REACH compliance
- high lubrication, reduction of friction
- low dust development when using
- proper adherence on different wire surfaces
- low residuals on the finished wire
- low lubricant consumption
- low humidity absorption especially of sodium soaps and coating agents

Traxit product portfolio includes newest developments of boron free coating agents, boron free dry and wet drawing lubricants or titanium dioxide free dry drawing lubricants.

Especially boron free coating agents prepared for multi-purpose application and maintenance friendly usage.

Traxit International GmbH
Brand of Klüber Lubrication
wire 2020, hall 9 booth F 38
Tel.: +49 2336 919-100

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