01/06/2021 – wire Russia 2021

Complete extrusion systems for the cable industry

Troester GmbH+Co. KG is a worldwide leading manufacturer of complete extrusion systems for the cable industry. The excellent results produced by its extrusion technology makes Troester a competent and reliable partner in the cable industry.


Troester “CCV Line Extrudergroup”. © Troester


X-Compound “Kneader”. © X-Compound


At "wire Russia" 2021, Troester will present its technology and solutions in the following fields:

– Rubber CV and CCV-Lines up to 35kV

– XLPE CCV and VCV Lines for Power Cables up to 500kV

– Sheathing Lines for Medium and High Voltage Cables

– Insulation Lines for LV and MV Cables

X-Compound, member of the Troester Group will join the booth and present their kneader technology for the continuous compounding of HFFR (LSOH), PVC, XLPE, Semiconductive Materials and EPR/EPDM. X-Compound specialises in the planning and construction of complete plants for the processing of plastics with the process steps conveying, melting, dispersing, mixing and degassing.

Contact: Mr. Alexey Soloshenko – Head of Troester Rep. Office Moscow

Troester GmbH+Co. KG

wire Russia 2021, booth 03/C18

Tel.: +49 511 87040