Complete “Strapping Line” for aluminium coils

The line is composed a carriage with a translation system with its own carriage supports, one for the entrance and another for exit, including a turning coil system and a perimeter closure composed of a fence and photoelectric barriers with a muting system.


Complete “Strapping Line” for aluminium or painted coils. © Saizar


Complete “Strapping Line” for aluminium or painted coils. © Saizar


Once the coil is centred in the entrance carriage support, the coil will be supported on the carriage or on the turning system that is incorporated in the strapping station.

Depending on what type of strapping should be carried out to the coil, whether circumferential or radial, the next step that can be seen on the video is how the radial strapping is performed in accordance to the client’s requirements. In addition to that, the strapping is carried out by PET strap of 32mm while the circumferential strapping is also performed in the same station afterwards. In other words, while the coil is stopped, the automatic strapping machine displaces to each strapping position to carry out the circumferential or radial strapping. Nevertheless, the strapping head is designed so that in the future a strapping head for the steel strap of 32mm can be implemented.

 Last but not least, when the strapping system comes back to home position once the coil has been strapped taking into account the customer’s requirements, the coil is displaced by the carriage to the exit carriage support in order to be evacuated from the line.

 Saizar published some videos explaining how the line works and the machine’s capability: https://youtu.be/dKyWj7ibgio or https://youtu.be/WmlCQ4Zj8m0

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