25/11/2021 – Automation of the cable packaging process

Automated cable packaging equipment

Windak’s automated cable packaging equipment provides increased productivity through automation, saves on cable packaging costs, optimizes labor utilization, reduces waste and maximizes the output.


More than 40% of the labor cost in cable factories arise in the packaging area. © Windak


The first thing customers need to do is to understand their company's goals, targets, and growth potential. The demands on speed and quality growing each year and manual packaging is a quite time-consuming process, which may lead to delivery delays and financial losses.

Automation will lower overall operational costs and help to:
– Save on labor cost. More than 40% of the labor cost in cable factories arise in the packaging area.
– Increase the output, keep up with trends and fulfill customers’ needs.
– Use the packaging in a more consistent way.
– Optimize factory space and streamline operations.
– Ensure high quality, and consistent accuracy while reducing mistakes.
– Eliminate the risks associated with manual intervention.
– Reduce the production stop-time.

Environmental-friendly packaging is Windak’s top priority for the next years. Their approach is to reduce the environmental impact on the whole production process. Sustainability continues to be one of the important factors for our customers, and their end consumers.

Windak is putting our emphasis and working on:
– Minimizing energy consumption by using the latest high technical standards.
– Lowering the volume of waste during the packaging process.
– Reducing space utilization.

Their range of standard and customized equipment can be used for inline operation with an extruder, or offline with a pay-off. We have a variety of options to cater to most packaging needs.

For example Windak „Quick Pacs“ are high output coilers developed for the high speed packaging of short length coils up to maximum 100m lengths of single conductors and/or flat cables. Designed for both shrink film package and coil in a box.

QuickPac Series of coilers having a great number of advantages and features:
– exclusive strechwrap solution- No need for strapper or binder.
– Capable of coiling 9 - 12 superbly layer-wound coils/minute.
– Short stop time - more efficient production.
– Coil Dimensions: Coil OD: 120mm - 400mm, Coil ID: 100mm -180mm.
– Quick change over between products sizes.
– Optional shrink wrapping, boxing and palletizing.
– Precision winding and tension Control.
– Operator friendly, safe – ergonomic.

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