23/10/2020 – wire 2020 update

Automated cable packaging equipment

“Windak Group decided to cancel their participation in ‘wire’ 2020”, so Olga Berlinberg, Marketing Manager.


© Windak


This year Windak Group is highlighting the packaging theme including the automatic coiling machine “QuickPac QP260-D_11”. Its new exclusive stretch wrap solution allows manufacturers to skip the strapper or binder, while keeping those as an option. The breakthrough design improves reliability while reducing maintenance costs. Attendees can see a demo of QP260-D_11 by visiting Windak Group booth during the event.

„Meeting our customers personally is an additional advantage for Windak as this helps strengthen our relationships and gives a chance to introduce a number of exciting innovations and achievements,“ says Olga Berlinberg, Marketing Manager of Windak Group. The company’s core business is to provide its customers with high speed innovative automated cable packaging equipment to help them achieve their business goals, improve their returns and reduce costs. Windak offers standard and customized automatic spooling, coiling and rewinding lines with variety of different options.

As a bonus this year, the informative presentation from the management team will be covering such topics as:
1) New production facility in Estonia.
2) Packaging theme – types of packaging offered by Windak Group.
3) Introducing new spare parts campaign.
4) New upgrades and developments during 2020. e.t.c.

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