12/04/2024 – chemical used in metal processing

Advanced technologies for chemical recovery and regeneration

At “wire” and “Tube” exhibition Condoroil Stainless will present a series of recovery and regeneration technologies for chemical used in metal processing.


Unit Resibed. © Condoroil Stainless


As example, but not limited thereto, we highlight the following unit:
– “Diana” for regeneration of lubricants and solvent
 – Crystal” for regeneration of sulfuric acid based pickling solutions
 – “Resibed” for regeneration of stainless steel pickling solutions

The technologies proposed by Condoroil Stainless are the best example of how “Green Economy” allows to reduce the consumption of natural resources pursuing the philosophy determined by circular economy that favors the recovery and reuse of the same onsite.

Tube 2024, hall 5 booth E 04

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