20/10/2020 – wire 2020 update

Advanced HFFR compounds for electric powertrain cabling

We’ve been informed that Padanaplast S.r.l. will not be exhibiting at “wire” 2020 in December due to the continuing situation linked to the handling of the coronavirus.


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Padanaplast specializes in crosslinkable polyolefin (XLPO-HFFR) compounds for wires and cables and will showcase a range of products developed to meet the stringent needs of electric mobility in the automotive industry at “wire”. These include a new experimental grade – “Cogegum GFR 1709-27” – specifically developed for ultra-flexible T4 battery cables for the next generation of electric vehicle powertrains.

Padanaplast will also display “Cogegum GFR 1401-76” and “GFR 1401-190” products which comply with the most relevant automotive cable standards, including ISO 6722 Class C and SAE J 1128, and intended for T3 primary insulation optimized for technical performance and a cost-effective production.

Also highlighted are “Polidiemme G” grades which are EN 50620 standard fully compliant and extensively used as insulating materials for electric vehicle charging cables ensuring high flexibility and reliability. All grades are crosslinked using silane-grafting technology coupled with a non-halogenated flame-retardant system. Automotive wires and cables manufactured from these materials display non-corrosive properties which facilitates an end-of-life recycling.

The Italian company is based at Roccabianca near Parma and operates 13 state-of-the-art production lines certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Established in 1971, Padanaplast has pioneered the technology of XLPE silane crosslinkable polyethylene compounds, and has been offering HFFR compounds for cable sheathing, wire insulation, pipe and fitting applications since 1982. In 2017, the business became a member of Finproject Group, a major Italian global player in crosslinkable polyolefin compounding, extrusion and molding.

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