11/04/2022 – Servo-cut assures fast and quiet production

AIM will present the new “AFES-3DxT” line

At “wire” AIM will present an updated five servo-axis turret tool-changer machine with an ultra-fast servo cutter.


AIM’s most robust and proven model for more than 22 years. © AIM


Standard features include DXF, LRA and XYZ import, animated bending simulation with collision detection, auto pilot speed/load monitoring, touch screen monitors, Microsoft Windows, 5 HP wire payoff, “Dial-A-Service” for remote support via the Internet, and a maintenance module which reminds users with all needed work needed for zero downtime. Available options include automatic bend setup with AIM’s “AccuCal”, easy production statistics with “Accu Track”, 24/7 online AIM Academy training, Faro, Romer, and Aicon CMM’s communications for automatic programmer corrections, integration with Robots and Step and Iges files import. In all instances, the wire can be fed directly from a coil, straightened, bent, and cut using a software package that provides flexibility and simplicity in programming and is offered in all “universal languages.” AIM’s most robust and proven model for more than 22 years, the turret head indexing tool changer, provides even more flexibility in wire forming capability.

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