13/04/2022 – 50 years’ experience in making of rigid stranding machines

AEI Machines is celebrating half a century

At “wire” AEI Machines team shall be looking forward to welcoming visitors from all over the world and showcase new developments on AEI Stranders for high production flexibility, enhanced safety, reduced down time and minimum maintenance efforts.


AEI rigid strander for HV cable screening. © AEI


With 50 years’ experience in the making of rigid stranding machines, AEI Machines have been selected for projects in varied regions such as Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa, competing in global arena amongst the top manufacturers, with Rigid Stranders that satisfy various safety and conformity certifications such as CE, CSA, etc.

An innovation-led company, with a focus on technical advancements in the stranding process, has translated its deep understanding of stranding nuances, technological prowess and machine building experience to machines that are known for their performance and resilience. Some of the applications till date include machines for manufacture of:
– Highly compact round conductor up to 2,500mm2 in single pass for EHV cables
– Milliken segments for conductor up to 3,000mm2 / 500kV
– High speed manufacture of conductor for low voltage cables
– New generation HTLS conductor TW/ACCC
– High speed manufacture of various overhead conductor ACSR/AAAC
– Copper wire screening of high voltage cables
– Steel wire/strip armouring
– Laying up of control cables

 AEI Machines recently completed the addition of a modern fabrication facility to meet market demands. ‘’We continuously explore, develop and prototype new concepts that we can implement on our machine, enhancing their performance. Our recent design developments in terms of engineering and automation are featured in our latest models. One of the recent examples is the development of machine for screening high voltage cables up to 3000 mm2 and diameter up to 150 mm with 96 wires and inline taping.’’ said Alok Jain, Executive Director, AEI.

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