29/02/2024 – Condoroil: Mastering cold forming

A seamless blend of innovation and quality

At “wire” and “Tube” exhibition Condoroil Chemical will present a series of products developed for cold forming operations, free of boric.


Non-reactive water based polymeric lubricants for cold forming. © Condoroil Chemical


In particular, the most significant innovations are represented by the following products:
“Condorlube 281 SAL”: Boric free non-reactive salt, it is mainly applied in preparation of carbon steel and stainless steel rods to drawing processes
“Condorlube DF 18”: Non-reactive water based polymeric lubricant, for cold forming of carbon steel and stainless steel and non-ferrous materials. Compared to the traditional polymeric lubricants, it is suitable for high reductions.
“Condorlube TF 24”: Polymer-based lubricant for tube drawing processes

By this new sets of proposals, Condoroil Chemical proves once again to be a very active company in developing environmentally friendly, and attentive to the operators’ safety, chemical solutions.

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