01/06/2023 – Precision, efficiency, and flexibility in wire and cable packaging

6-axis robot de-palletizing solution

Windak sincerely thanks all the amazing visitors who took the time to stop by their booth at the Interwire trade show 2023.


Busy most of the time: The Windak team at its trade fair stand. © Windak


The 6-axis robot de-palletizing solution offering precision, efficiency, and flexibility in wire and cable packaging. © Windak

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The company is delighted to have had the opportunity to showcase their technologies, including the 6-axis robot solution, the Windak “Xtreme” biodegradable stretch wrap, and the Windak “Remote service support kit”: The 6-axis robot de-palletizing solution offers precision, efficiency, and flexibility in the packagin of wires and cables. With advanced automation capabilities, it enables a seamless integration into existing production lines, optimizing productivity and reducing costs.

In addition to the 6-axis robot de-palletizing solution, their latest innovation, the Windak “Xtreme” biodegradable stretch wrap was introduced. As sustainability becomes an increasingly vital aspect of packaging solutions, Windak is proud to offer this eco-friendly alternative.

The Windak “Xtreme” not only provides exceptional load stability and protection but also contributes to reducing environmental impact.
– maximizes Spooler/Coiler Output
– minimizes Stretch Wrap Breaks
– reduces environmental footprint

Latest offer for customers in North and South America: The Windak “Remote Service Support Kit”

Equipped with this kit, Windak can provide prompt and effective assistance to valued customers, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Their team of experts is just a click away, prepared to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot any issues cutomer may encounter. Windakl offer flexible service contracts ranging from 1, 3, to 5 years. In case of emergencies, their support kit can be swiftly delivered to cutomer through overnight shipment.

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