07/03/2024 – Quality management

100% online wire and cable surface inspection system

At “wire 2024” Futec Europe will show an optoelectronic 100% online wire and cable surface inspection system using only one CCD line scan camera.


The interior of the compact camera box showing the high-speed CCD line scan camera and the mirror section. © Futec


The system is foreseen for outer diameters from 0.5mm to 60mm and can be easily integrated into existing production lines without having to modify them. When a wire or cable is passing through, the system captures small surface defects such as scratches, cracks, pores and notches, even those not visible to the human eye, as well as contaminations, registers their size, shape, position and number and displays these defects simultaneously on a screen. The line operator recognizes when tolerance limits are exceeded and can take corrective actions in the production process. The surface inspection system can be combined with other systems such as eddy current testing, geometry measuring and marking devices. Visitors by appointment can have their own wires or cables tested.

wire 2024, hall 15 booth A 13

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