11/01/2021 – New factory and service organisation for EMEA market

Windak announces Dieter Gerger as EMEA Sales manager

Windak has invested in a new factory and service organisation for the EMEA market. As a further step to improve customer satisfaction, the company has made an important addition to their team.


Windak is pleased to announce that Dieter Gerger is joining their team as EMEA Sales manager. © Windak


Dieter Gerger has joined the team in the role of EMEA Sales manager, with a focus on supporting customers and expanding presence in the market. Gerger has been in the role of international sales manager for 10 years at Rosendahl Nextrom, Austria, a leading manufacturer of extrusion systems for energy cables and fiber optic. He is based at Windak’s newly formed sales and service centre, Windak EMEA GmbH, Fehring, Austria.

Customers can reach Dieter Gerger by email at dieter.gerger@windakgroup.com or mobile +43 664 856 24 84. While he is primary contact person, inquiries can also be sent to sales@windakgroup.com.