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VDKM is organising “Cable & Wire West Coast” in America

VDKM, the German Association of Wire and Cable Machine Manufacturers, is organising an exhibition trade fair, “Cable & Wire West Coast” (CWWC) on the West Coast of the USA for its members to exhibit from November 7 to 8, 2023.





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The idea for the event came about due to the fact that there are many enquiries from the wire and cable industries in this region, but not many trade fairs for the wire and cable industry on the west coast.
Therefore, the VDKM has selected the “Ontario Convention Center” located in California, east of Los Angeles to host this venue. This location offers strategic positioning due to its close proximity to the Pacific and to Mexico economies. Also, given the large amount of manufacturing business in this region, makes it ideal.
In addition to exhibiting machines, local material manufactures as well as complementary machine solutions for these industries will be present at this show. The number of participants will be limited. The VDKM is looking forward to hosting a large number of potential customers as well as other interested visitors from all over the Western USA and Mexico.

Cable & Wire West Coast
November 7 and 8, 2023 at the Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, California/USA

Event hours:
Tuesday, November 7 from 9am to 5pm
at 5pm Network with industry friends! Free Dinner & Drinks served on the event floor!
Wednesday, November 8 from 9am to 2pm

Learn From Industry Experts
A selection of exciting presentations that cover advancing technologies, new ideas, processes, or process enhancements in the wire and cable industry:

  • “iQ technologies: enable easy setup and adjustment of compression and torsion springs. How to reduce the load on your master spring makers and ease labor shortages”

      Dr.-Ing. Uwe-Peter Weigmann, Chairman of the Board, Wafios AG

  • “Innovative fastener output via PTS - Pneumatic Transport System”

      Jens Gutsche, Managing Director, Wafios Umformtechnik

  • “An overview of the different requirements for surface properties of wires, strands and cables: experiences from the cooperation with our ‘Helicord’ customers”

      Michaela Boockmann, Electrical and Industrial Engineer, Boockmann Engineering

  • “Full parameter control – comprehensive control of welding recipes in times of shortage of skilled workers and increasing quality requirements”

      Michael Stock, Managing Director, August Strecker

  • “Spring end grinding: increasing productivity by using innovative components”

      Dirk Siep, Export Manager, Theleico Schleiftechnik

  • “Movement into green wire drawing compound technology”

      Guilherme Rossi Brum, Managing Director, Klüber Lubrication (Traxit subsidiary of Kluber)

  • “Inline profile unit for efficient EV stator wire production”

      James Tomei, President Alliance Wire Group- Representative of Fuhr Rolling Mills

  • “New opportunities in manufacturing of EV components”

      Andreas Strobl, Director of Operations and Sales - Bihler of America, Inc

  • “Cable measurement according to the international standard IEC 60811”

      Martin Hruska, Key Account Manager, IIM AG measurement+engineering

Exhibitors of “Cable & Wire West Coast 2023”
– August Strecker
– Bongard Machines
– Boockmann Engineering
– CSG Wiremachinery Solutions
– E.W. Menn
– Fuhr
– Heinze+Streng
– Ideal Welding Systems
– Klüber Lubrication
– Maschinenfabrik Bock
– Maschinenfabrik Johann Leimbach
– Messe Düsseldorf
– Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik
– Petig
– Theleico Schleiftechnik
– Wafios
– Wafios Machinery Corporation
– Wafios Umformtechnik
– Witels Albert USA
– Woywod Kunststoffmaschinen

Registration is required!
RSVP or learn more about the event here:

German Association of Wire and Cable Machine Manufacturers
(Verband der Draht- und Kabelmaschinenhersteller e.V.)
Goldene Pforte 1, 58093 Hagen, Germany
Tel.: +49 2331 9588-51

Exhibitors information:

August Strecker
Since 1933 August Strecker GmbH+Co. KG produces high quality buttwelding equipment for the wire and cable industry, serving both the ferrous as well as the non-ferrous sector. Strecker is the first point of contact for individual solutions in welding technology. The products enjoy an excellent reputation for their quality and reliability and are being used not only in Germany, but in more than 110 countries all over the world. Visitors see some of their electric butt welding machines and cold welding machines in action. On display will be a Type “SE 2” and Type “1a-V30”.

Boockmann Engineering GmbH
Established in 1982, Boockmann Engineering has over 40 years of experience in bringing together utmost precision and environmental protection standards while providing customer-specific solutions that meet the highest quality requirements. At CWWC Boockmann Engineering will present their “Helicord” technology for surface processing of wire and cable, such as Welding Wire Finishing or removal of misprints from cable and their “Helilub” technology for precision solvent-free lubrication of magnet wire.
The principle is based on friction between a fast-moving wire and a textile cord or yarn wound around a wire or cable multiple times, moving slowly under push-pull-controlled conditions, creating a multiple 360° contact between the constantly renewed cleaning cord and wire. Liquids can be used in small amounts to support the process. “Helicord” machines and consumables come in different shapes and sizes, suitable for a wide variety of wire surface cleaning and coating applications.

CSG Reconditioning+Service
CSG Reconditioning+Service is a family-owned company founded by managing director Carsten Sasse himself and made it a well-known name for machine reconditioning. With more than 25 years of business experience, the company has developed into a real specialist for the overhaul of high-quality used machines in the wire processing industry and has established itself on the world market. CSG focuses on each customer's budget requirements and manufacturing specifications. In addition to welding machines, wire drawing lines, straightening and cutting machines and bending machines, the company also sells spare parts and accessories for every type of machine. However, the focus of the activities is on wire welding machines, such as those required for the production of industrial meshes for example. In the course of time, extensive experience has been gained with machines from the manufacturers EVG, Ideal, Jäger, Koch, Schlatter, Vitari and Wafios. The extensive contacts that have been built up over the years enable a targeted search for the right machines and systems. Specially trained employees can use their experience in the field of electrical and mechanical reconditioning of machines to provide tailor-made solutions according to customer requirements. In addition to complete machine recondition, CSG also offers various upgrade options. These include, among other things, Siemens software+hardware upgrades, control cabinet conversions or supplements. Today CSG belongs to a group of 5 companies with more than 85 employes.

“Performance technologies” innovative since 1913 E.W.Menn GmbH+Co. KG – a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for the fastener and fixing industry, since 2015 member of the Wafios Group, has been shaping the industry for 110 years now. Specialised in thread- and profile rolling machines, the manufactured high-performance machines with pronounced durability meet the highest demands for precision, efficiency and reliability. Whether cold rolled or inductively preheated, whether combined with washers in advance or manufactured as headless parts, whether standard design or specific special equipment: EWMenn machines produce high-precision and high-strength products in the form of screws or fasteners for the construction, automotive, aerospace and many other industries. Combined with the reliable supply of spare parts by an excellent, globally active customer service, this, together with the highly qualified workforce, has always been the central cornerstone of EMWenn's success.

Fuhr GmbH+Co. KG
Discover excellence in wire and cable technology with Fuhr – With a legacy spanning over 75 years, the company is globally recognised for our expertise in wire rolling, forming, and straightening solutions. At Fuhr, their mission is clear: to drive innovation in the wire rolling industry. The firm offer precision-engineered solutions that redefine efficiency and quality, ensuring that customers stay ahead in an ever-evolving market. Fuhrs global footprint extends across industries, from automotive to medical engineering and production technology. The company power connections that span continents, making them a trusted partner for companies worldwide. What sets Fuhr apart is their commitment to collaboration and diverse perspectives. They believe in working together to shape the future of wire rolling technology. Visit their booth to explore the latest advancements and meet their experts. Let's connect and discover how Fuhr can enhance wire rolling operations.

Ideal Welding Systems L.P.
The Pioneering Spirit of a Medium-Sized Company – Since being founded in 1923, the name Ideal has stood for continuous innovation and quality in machine and plant engineering. The core competence of the family-run company, which is now in its third generation, lies in resistance welding. Their product range includes welding machines for joining wire, stranded wires, wood and metal band saws, for wire processing, the manufacture of sheet metal products and strip joining. The portfolio ranges from smaller series machines and modular standard models, right through to tailor-made, customer-oriented special solutions. After successful participation in the “Top 100” Innovation Competition, Ideal-Werk receives the “Top 100” seal.The third-generation family-owned company convinces with its innovative qualities and proves to be one of the hundred most innovative medium-sized companies from Germany.

IIM AG provides with its brand “Visio Cable Pro” high quality testing and measuring equipment for simplifying and improving tasks in any cable-testing laboratory or during the production process worldwide. Since over 25 years, “Visio Cable Pro” has specialised in highly accurate and user-friendly offline measuring devices for cable, hose and tube cross sections in combination with cable sample preparation devices for a perfectly parallel and smooth sample. IIm AG will present its star products: the measuring devices “VCPX5” and “AlphaOne” as well as the Cable-O-Ring cutters “ORC80”, “ORC VC65” and “ORC Micro”.

Klüber Lubrication
Experience. Solutions. Performance. Traxit Wire Lubrication, a brand of Klüber Lubrication GmbH, as the largest manufacturer of dry lubricants, wet lubricants and coating agents, has over 140 years of experience in the entire production process. As a specialist for wire drawing agents with a high level of expertise in the entire production process, Klüber support their customers in the further development and improvement of their processes. Day after day, their experts develop solutions that improve customers' processes. Higher efficiency, better quality and less wear in wire drawing are the goals. Klüber work in partnership and personally with customers to achieve these goals and thus develop new standards in the wire drawing industry.

Maschinenfabrik Bock
Maschinenfabrik Bock is a worldwide operating family own d company located in Germany, which has developed to the leading producers of pointing machines. From design to commissioning the comapny offer customers in all parts of the world high tech products for the processing of wire, bars and tubes.

Maschinenfabrik Johann Leimbach
Leimbach is one of the leading global manufacturer for high-tech cable machines, based in Germany. As a company with a long-standing tradition spanning over 100 years, we develop efficient solutions for complex customer requirements in cable sector worldwide. The company distinguish themselves in high-quality, flexible services, customisation and close cooperation with their business partners. The Leimbach product range includes: complete extrusion lines, extruders, pay-off machines, take-up machines, cooling troughs, control dancers, accumulators, double wheel capstans and caterpillars, rewinding machines. Leimabch is also operating as global turnkey supplier.

With more than 100 years of experience, Petig AG develops cable and cutting technology, tube punching along with hydraulic tools for efficient wire and metal processing for tough industrial applications. The comapny offer a broad portfolio of products e.g cable shears and steel cutters, as well as flat sheet or bar cutters which can be used for a wide range of applications. From technical analysis, development to installation and ongoing maintenance – theri customers can rely on an end-to-end support strategy, sophisticated solutions, extensive experience and outstanding service. Petig also offer a range of trend-setting and reliable tube and profile punching technology.

Excellence in grinding – Theleico has been in existence as a family company for more than 130 years and has been making ceramically bonded grinding tools since 1924. Synthetic bonded grinding wheels and discs were added to the product range in 1935. Today we are among the leading manufacturers in the grinding technology sector. We owe this not only to our many years of experience and the comprehensive expertise of all our employees, but also to our values that are practised every day at the company. Theleico is a family industrial company with over 130 years' experience. Specialised in the development and manufacture of grinding discs and wheels according to customer requirements. Competent support of customers from the automotive industry, machine and tool manufacturing through to steelworks, foundries as well as the timber, glass and plastics industries, sports industry and the energy sector. Theleico has always stood for safety, constancy, flexibility and courage.

Wafios Machinery Corporation USA / Wafios AG
Wafios was established in 1893 and is today the world's largest supplier of precision machinery for wire, tube and formed parts. The Wafios range of machine types include spring coiling and forming, EV, spring end-grinding, wire bending and forming, tube bending and forming, wire straightening, cutting and end-working. Wafios will have their “FMU 16+” CNC spring and wire forming machine and “FUL 26+” high-speed coiling machine for the production of compression springs running at this event.

The team at Woywod has decades of experience in plastics processing in the dosing and mixing sector. Since 1980, the company has been producing high quality “Plasticolor” devices and systems for the plastics processing industry: dosing units, volumetric and gravimetric mixing stations and hopper loaders for free-flowing materials. With a dosing range from 0.070kg/h to more than 3,500kg/h per device, more or less any production requirement is covered, from the smallest screw conveyor to the sophisticated gravimetric mixing station. The “Plasticolor” system is synonymous with precision, quality, longevity and an optimal cost-benefit ratio. The machines are used by plastics processors and manufacturers of high-quality extrusion and injection moulding machines worldwide. Together with its North American agent Howar Equipment, Woywod will present the “Plasticolor” products at “CWWC 2023” – visitors can expect interesting new products around plastic processing.