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Autumn crosus – One of the first plants to flower in the autumn is the autumn crocus. It is beautiful to look at, but beware – the plant is poisonous. The spring, wire and cable industry is likewise viewing the autumn with caution.
Electricity prices, the risk of recession and a shortage of skilled labour are making it harder to plan for the forthcoming financial year. A fixed point such as ‘wire 2024’ in Düsseldorf can provide some orientation.
This edition of WIRE is densely packed. We have tried to publish the large number of contributions sent to us in this fourth print edition of the year. Thereafter, until the year-end, we will be keeping you up to date online – because the next edition of WIRE, 1/2024, will be our pre-fair issue for ‘wire 2024’. The world’s leading trade fair starts in just six months. Companies are already getting into their starting blocks for this highlight event.
Next year from 15 to 19 April ‘wire 2024’ will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany. Your magazine WIRE has its own booth C 03 in hall 9.


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In this issue the company Redies reports on drawing copper plated welding wire. Read about rope wires from the cradle of German wire drawing. Künne from Hemer in the Sauerland region of Germany has been producing for five generations. With the double pressure ‘DD0 104’ welding machine from Ideal, the heat-affected material made of iron or non-ferrous metal is almost completely pressed out of the welding zone. The product range from Eurobend includes sustainable solutions for the production of almost all types of wire welded mesh. A technical breakthrough in the feed control is now allowing Videx to offer unattended, operator-free machines and to expand its range of machinery.
Rosendahl is introducing the first extrusion line for hairpin wires. The compact ‘RA-I extrusion line’ is equipped with Rosendahl’s high-temperature extruder technology and a specially developed crosshead. ‘Fireguard’ PVC compounds from Teknor Apex are alternatives to fluoropolymers. Delta Tecnic optimises the colouring of special TPU cables. Woywod reports on the monitoring of the material flow of different granules at the outlet of the dosing unit. The ‘D series’ from Niehoff of double twist bunching and stranding machines is now consists of eight different sized models designed for conductor cross-sections from 0.013mm² to 500mm². Spanish manufacturer Flymca has been restructuring its internal technical departments and improve its customer service. Spirka and Wardwell have an impressive program of taping units, rewinding machines and payoffs for increasing cable shielding requirements. Supertek sets new standards in winding technology for the production and processing of fine wire and optical fibres. Windak’s ‘AR series’ packing systems meets the global demand for solar cables. Increasing demands have led Kurre to expand its family of flange driven winders.

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