18/11/2021 – Designer and manufacturer of cable rotating machines

Setic and Pourtier launch new website

Setic and Pourtier, well-known designer and manufacturer of cable rotating machines, are thrilled to announce the launch of their new website at www.setic-pourtier.com.


Setic and Pourtier launched their new website at www.setic-pourtier.com. © Setic/Pourtier


The site features two main entry points depending on machine or cable type. Once reply visitors are easily guided to the most appropriate machine needed and may request quote or more information.

Visitors will also be informed about recent news of the brands with innovations, shows participation, and can register to a Newsletter to stay tuned. A page dedicated to careers opportunities is also available with easy application forms.

“A new website was necessary to (re)explain our customers who we are and to present our complete range of rotating machinery,” said Philie Colin, marketing coordinator. “It is easy to scroll and navigate, responsive, coloured and we think our cable partners will enjoy it. This website reflects our philosophy and the high technology rotating machines we supply to the worldwide cable industry.” Visitors will clearly identify the essential content of the website with short descriptions and high pictures quality.