07/12/2023 – Cabopol – polymer compounds

New production unit in Monterrey, Mexico

Cabopol - Polymer Compounds, a European company in the production of thermoplastic and crosslinked compounds, is expanding its global presence with the opening of a new production unit in Monterey, Mexico.


The opening of the new production unit in Monterey, Mexico, marks a pivotal moment for Cabopol. © Cabopol


This new unit is part of their long-term strategy to provide their clients with even better products and services and to reach new markets. This new production unit represents the commitment to growth and innovation in the polymer industry. With an initial configuration of two production lines and the potential for expansion, Cabopol expect to achieve a production capacity of 25,000 t/y. Notably, this is the first production unit in the American continent, paving the way for their expansion in this region. It follows the successful operations of production units in Serbia, Morocco, and Portugal.

With an expected conclusion date of December 2023, this new production unit, located in the heart of Monterey's industrial zone, will cover an area of 10,000 square meters. Equipped with the latest technology and equipment, it will enable us to produce high-quality polymer compounds at a competitive cost. This expansion will significantly increase production capacity, improve supply chain efficiency, and reduce lead times for their customers in the Mexican and American markets.

In response to this significant development, the Sales Director of Cabopol Polymer Compounds, Anselmo Mendes, expressed his enthusiasm: “The opening of our new production unit in Monterey, Mexico, marks a pivotal moment for Cabopol. We are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality polymer compounds, and this expansion allows us to further our commitment to excellence. We are excited to better serve our customers and contribute to the growth of the local economy.”