09/04/2020 – DRAHT, WIRE, UMFORMtechnik

New online presence

The four metalworking magazines DRAHT, WIRE, UMFORMtechnik – Blech Rohre Profile and UMFORMtechnik – Massiv + Leichtbau are launching into the digital future.


Neues Layout, neue Technik: die Web-Plattform umformtechnik.net © Meisenbach


© Meisenbach


After more than seven years, the time has finally come: Our new websites have gone live. Here, we shed light on what’s new on umformtechnik.net – and also on what you’ll no longer find on the individual magazine websites.

What’s new?

  • Optimised layout for mobile devices: umformtechnik.net and the individual magazine websites have now been designed in a fast and streamlined format specifically for smartphones. A significant innovation is our responsive design which adapts to each device’s individual screen size.
  • Editorial lead: Until now, the websites have been closely aligned to the magazines’ print editions. Now the editorial team are free to decide which articles should appear as sliders or topical reports on the prominent home page – and which ones are listed by topicality.
  • One platform for four magazines: umformtechnik.net features all the articles from the magazine websites as well as our large collection of scientific contributions – otherwise known as white papers. Based on the content of our specialist magazine WIRE, umformtechnik.net also features English-language articles.
  • Dossier function: Our topic pages enable us to give you a current insight into a specific field or to bundle articles relating to a certain event. Accordingly, you will find our reports on the postponed industry highlight “wire 2020” across several pages, divided into industrial sectors.
  • Keyword search: Under every article, you will spot keywords relating to the article content and chosen by our editors. By clicking on a keyword, you will be presented with related texts, all clearly listed. The full-text search via the magnifying glass now works independently of google.
  • WIRE DRAHT UMFORM App: Our new app gives you access both to the digital editions of our four specialist magazines and to our extensive archive.
  • Job search through umformtechnik.net: Our job market can help you find your perfect position within the industry, organised by region or city.
  • New section on the print editions: In the “Sneak Peek” section, the corresponding magazine websites feature a preview of every print edition along with selected content.

What you’ll no longer find:

Archive: Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide free access to the articles in our extensive magazine archive. You are welcome to use our topic search library by taking out a digital subscription in the WIRE DRAHT UMFORM app. Further details about the app can be found in the section “All in one app”, and our digital subscription options can be located in the Subscription section.

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