23/02/2021 – Wooden reels

Madem Reels has achieved new sales record in 2020

With manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, USA , Spain and Bahrain, the group has sold over 6,000 containers/trucks of wooden reels in 2020 to more than 140 customers in 45 countries.


The Madem Reels Group has sold over 6,000 containers/trucks of wooden reels in 2020. © Madem


“Just to get a sense of this, if we consider only reels with 1,200mm (48”) in diameter, it will take 1.8 million wooden reels per year. This volume was achieved through strategic locations and our own state of art technology. We are thankful to all customers, suppliers and collaborators over the world, and will strive to enhance quality and service excellence in these challenging times” says Leandro Mazzoccato, Global Sales Director.

 Madem Reels preserves its own renewable pine forests, and operates sawmills and manufacturing plants in Brazil, Spain, Bahrain, Mexico , USA and Colombia with more than 700 dedicated employees.

 Today, the Madem name represents 72 years of manufacturing experience acquired through a global team that constantly strives to build trust, confidence and deliver superior quality.