28/03/2024 – Associations

International Spring Makers Conference during “wire”

The “International Spring Makers Conference” will be held on 17 April during the “wire” trade fair. The conference begins at 4:00 p.m. with a greeting from the President of the European Spring Federation, Paul-Bernd Vogtland/VDF Group.


Impression of the “Spring Makers Conference” in the year 2022. © ESF


Afterwards, Andres Weinrich/VDFI reports on global spring standardization activities. Keynote speaker is Richard Dignall, Technical Director of the Institute of Spring Technology (IST). He speaks on the topic “Metallurgy, the Heart of the Global Spring Industry”. The congress closes with the presentation of “FRED” which is a CO2 footprint calculator, as well as an overview of the steel market by Martin Theuringer, Steel Industry Association.

The following international come-together takes place at the CCD Süd and gives an opportunity to expand your own network through interesting discussions.

wire 2024, hall 16 booth E 17

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