10/08/2022 – Order from China's largest private steel producer

Fushun Special Steel orders Kocks 3-roll “RSB 5.0”

The Chinese steel producer Fushun Special Steel Co. Ltd. (Fushun) has placed an order with Friedrich Kocks GmbH+Co KG, Hilden, Germany, for a “Reducing+Sizing Block (RSB) 370++/4” in 5.0 design.


A comparable RSB® 370 which is currently operating in China. © Friedrich Kocks


Fushun is a subsidiary of the Shagang Group, China's largest private steel producer with approx. 42 million tons per year. The “RSB 370++/4” becomes the fifth RSB within the Shagang Group. The 600.000t/a rolling mill is located in Fushun City, China. Key equipment is the Kocks 3-roll RSB, which will be located as a finishing block after the roughing and intermediate train and will produce straight bars within a dimension of Ø 14.0mm to 92.0mm. Included in the Kocks scope of supply is the Remote control (RC) as well as the state of the art bar mill configurator Bamicon Octopus which setups the RSB for the individual products to be rolled. The commissioning of the new RSB is scheduled for the beginning of 2023.