08/01/2024 – Production capacity of up to 400,000 tons of rebar per year

Ecoacero relies on SMS for its new rebar mill in the Dominican Republic

Ecoacero, an Estrella Group company, has placed an order with SMS group for a new rebar mill. It will be located nearby Santo Domingo, in Dominican Republic, for serving the growing local and regional construction industry.


Ecoacero will supply structural steel for the growing local and regional construction industry in Dominican Republic on the new rebar mill supplied by SMS. © SMS Group


From left to right: Pedro Estrella, Director of Ecoacero; Giuseppe Maniscalco, CEO of industrial division Grupo Estrella; Filippo Verlezza, SMS Group and Nicola Redolfi, SMS Group. © SMS Group


As one of the largest construction services and products group in the country, Estrella made a strategic movement to reinforce its vertical integration, as well as the ecosystem formed by its companies. With this diversification, a powerful portfolio is established to address the growing demand in the construction industry at the local market, Caribbean, and Central American levels.

The upcoming Ecoacero facility will introduce a versatile range of rebar to the market, tailored to meet the demands of different construction industry segments, manufactured with state-of-the-art technology from SMS, and adhering to rigorous international quality standards.

The complete project, conceptualised with a sustainability philosophy, consists of two phases, with the forthcoming integration of a steel production, involving a melt shop with a continuous casting machine, from the scrap processing.

SMS group's comprehensive scope encompasses the design of the entire rebar mill, along with the delivery of mechanical and electrical equipment.

The scope of delivery of the SMS includes a reheating furnace for billets, feeding a continuous single-strand rolling mill. Products are finished on a “Meer Drive” finishing block, an efficient and sophisticated machine that reduces CO2 emissions and boots plant efficiency. Water boxes in the production process enable steel with improved mechanical properties through quenching and self-tempering of the bars, minimising the use of expensive alloying elements in the melt shop. The entire rolling mill will be controlled by SMS automation, including level 1 and 2, connected to the SMS “Mercury” process optimisation system.

The second phase involves a modern electric arc furnace (EAF), high electrical efficient and designed with advanced burner and oxygen injector technology to reduce CO2 emissions and operating costs.

The scrap charging-based electric arc furnace will be equipped with the latest SMS technologies for safe and automatic operation aimed at reducing the carbon footprint. The entire melting-refining-casting process line is monitored by “X-Pact” Level 2 system, which ensures the perfect and smooth interface with the phase-1 rolling Mill.

This Estrella investment in a new rebar mill and meltshop aligns with Ecoacero’s strategy to strengthen its market position in Central America's growing real estate and construction industry, where rebar is a fundamental building material.

The plant commissioning is scheduled for the beginning of 2025, pointing to Ecoacero as the one of the largest and modern steel companies in the Caribbean and Central America.