30/06/2023 – Teijin Aramid received

“Eco Vadis Gold Medal” for sustainability

Since 2015, Teijin Aramid has participated in the Eco Vadis Assessment to measure CSR progress and identify areas for improvement.


Teijin Aramid received the “Eco Vadis Gold Medal” for sustainability. © Teijin Aramid


For the seventh year in a row, the independent and objective assessment shows that Teijin Aramid is in the top 2% of sustainable manufacturers of man-made fibers. This remarkable achievement is part of several initiatives planned this year to highlight Teijin Aramid's focus on sustainability. Not only does this milestone show Teijin Aramid's unwavering commitment to protecting the environment, but the award also takes into account Teijin Aramid's ethical and social responsibility performance.

The company is incredibly proud to have achieved the “Gold Medal”, which demonstrates their commitment and allows customers to partner with us in confidence. Eco Vadis ratings cover all aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. Their team of experts analyses our data in order to create reliable ratings by taking relevant sectors, size, and geographical location into account. The Eco Vadis methodology is based on international Sustainable Development standards (Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, ISO 26000), and supervised by a scientific committee of CSR and supply chain experts. Guided by Eco Vadis, Teijin Aramid actively seek objective insights and feedback to strengthen the company's sustainability strategy.


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