26/07/2022 – Various types of packaging in coils, spools, and reels

Automatic coiler “FC8” and payoff “OW30”

Hundreds of new potential leads and dozens of existing customer’s visits – “wire” 2022 was a complete success for the Windak Group.


The Windak Group was pleased about the many visitors and their interest in the company and its products. © Windak


After the long 4-year break, it was finally possible to meet in person again at Windak and exchange professional views - a really great feeling!

Windak displayed its core competencies – their customer's end products, – various types of packaging in coils, spools, and reels. Visitors were happy to see almost all possible types of packaging at the booth, evaluate its advantages and understand how their product could look like if they used Windak equipment.

The product samples displayed were provided by major cable manufacturers and well-known names in the cable industry and all samples were winded on Windak equipment.

The Finnish company received a lot of attention and recorded the most visitors from Germany, France, Poland, Sweden, the USA, Turkey and Italy. During the fair, Windak emphasised the benefits of automation, presented the new issue of Windak News and the updated product catalogue, discussed new IoT solutions and equipment upgrades, and of course the new machine models - the automatic winder "FC8" and the unwinder "OW30".