17/05/2021 – Newly updated industry white paper

“Applying Industry 4.0 to the Cable Factory Environment”

In the newly updated industry White Paper entitled “Applying Industry 4.0 to the Cable Factory Environment”, Cimteq has harnessed the company’s vast knowledge and expertise to present a Paper that will help wire and cable manufacturers realise the many benefits gained from introducing smart factory processes.


Cimteq encourages the industry to not rule out investment in smart factory processes. © Cimteq


The key message conveyed in the Paper is that it’s possible to improve processes, and future-proof businesses, without significant outlay and disruption. Whilst it is estimated that some 70% - 80% of cable cost can be attributed to the cost of material, specifically copper, simply replacing manual labour with automated machinery is not going to reduce the cost of cable manufacturing significantly.

 “Smartification”, however, does not always mean full automation. A quick and cost-effective way to embrace smart factory processes into wire and cable manufacturing could be a simple move towards digital improvements of existing assets. Implementing systems and processes that reduce human error and reliance on traditional Excel spreadsheets and in-house processes can eliminate mistakes that are costly to both reputation and bottom line.

 Yufei Du, Business Development Manager APAC for Cimteq said: “The wire and cable industry should not discount implementing smart factory processes but should seriously consider doing so in a way that is different to other industries. Essential automation practices and the establishment of a fully-synced and integrated system is vital for any wire and cable manufacturer looking to future-proof its business and fully understand how efficient their design and manufacturing processes are.

 “Reducing downtime of machines, reducing scrap and waste, and identifying errors and bottlenecks early on can all be achieved through automation and smartification. Systems can be implemented alongside existing assets so the move towards a smart factory can be done cost-effectively with speed and very little disruption.”

You can download the White Paper on the Cimteq website.