17/12/2021 – Precision, quality and productivity are the main requirements

“Skin-Foam-Skin” extrusion

As a manufacturer of extrusion heads and accessories, Erocarb is constantly listening to the needs of the market and the many demands of its customers.


Erocarb “E4HN31” skin-foam-skin + stripe(s) crosshead for 4 extruders. © Erocarb


Erocarb “ESA-03” nitrogen booster for physical foaming. © Erocarb


This is especially the case for skin-foam-skin extrusion, where two solid layers encircle a thickness of foam. Precision, quality and productivity are the main requirements for this type of production.

Foaming injection unit
For more than twenty years, Erocarb has been developing and improving its overpressure unit for foam extrusion. Nitrogen under high pressure is injected into the cylinder of the extruder in order to produce foam with the desired density. This physical foam manufacturing process is reliable and accurate.

With a pressure range of 50bar to 800bar and a flow rate of up to 400l/min, the “ESA-03 booster” ensures a high degree of flexibility. To integrate into modern extrusion lines with real-time production management, the ESA-03 can be equipped with an OPC UA interface or remote display and control.

“Skin Foam Skin” extrusion crosshead
A nitrogen booster is nothing without a high-quality extrusion head. Erocarb has a complete range of products allowing simple 3-layer cables with 3 extruders, as well as more complex 3-layer + stripe(s) cables with 3 or 4 extruders (one of the extruders can be used to produce two stages of the product in the same extrusion operation).

The modularity of the extrusion heads also allows a quick change of the number of layers to be extruded. By replacing a material distributor, the extrusion head can, for example, produce a cable with a single layer of foam, or a layer of foam and a skin (or the reverse). All configurations are possible.

In order to guarantee an optimal result, the extrusion heads are equipped with a fixed centering between the wire guide and the die. In case of slight deviations, the fine-tuning centering allows to correct the concentricity. It can reach 90% or more while the production speed can reach 1500m/min or more depending on the wire diameters.

Crosshead accessories
In addition, for an easier handling or to improve productivity, a number of accessories are available in combination with the extrusion head. For the “E4GN21” models, the “ETEL” telescopic system allows the removal and cleaning of the material distributors directly on the extrusion line. This extruder head can also be equipped with the new bypass module with purge flow regulation control to ensure that the foam extrusion process can be restarted in the best possible conditions and time. Normal bypass modules, whether manual, hydraulic or pneumatic, can be used on all material inlets on the head models “E4GN21“, “E4HN30”, “E4HN31”, “E4JN20”, etc.

In addition, there are connections for vacuum extrusion, various trolley and supports, and of course all the ranges of wire guides and dies (compression, semi-compression, semi-tube, tube, etc.).

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