One machine, many cage geometries

German MBK’s well-proven “VSM-V” type cage welding machines for square cage reinforcements ensure stable production processes. Now, the new type “VSM-057-S” realises different geometries. That is made possible by index plates, which are necessary for the production of round, oval, triangular, square or rectangular cages.





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MBK is known in the industry as one of the global market leaders for three-dimensional solutions such as cage welding machines. With over 1,100 machines sold worldwide, the company has an impressive share of the market in the global concrete pipe, bored pile, driven pile, construction and precast industry. Welding machines for the reinforcement of manholes and concrete pipes have been produced in Kisslegg/Germany since 1961, now in the third generation.

The company has also been producing welding machines for round, rectangular, square, oval and conical cages for more than 15 years. Their range of application extends from precast concrete columns, joists, beams and masts to the areas of special underground construction, foundations, geothermics and soil stabilisation with concrete driven piles, or bored piles.

The product portfolio is supplemented by wire mesh welding machines, lattice girder welding machines, wire straightening and cutting machines and an extensive range of machine accessories such as coil grabs. A professional and mature after-sales service and the practised retrofit concept are important elements in MBK’s daily business.

The new “VSM-057-S” cage welding machine is the next generation of the well-known VSM and has been designed for the rational, high-speed manufacture of round, triangular, square and rectangular reinforcement cages. Use is made here of coil technology. The advantage of this is that the coil rotates around the longitudinal wires – the product – allowing very precise and fast manufacturing. The index plate technology also allows the manufacturing of special geometries that cannot be produced on the LSM version, for example. The index plate can be exchanged simply and quickly by means of MBK’s quick-change system, which has proven to be useful in the precast plant, where geometries change frequently. Through the appropriate adjustment of the index plates and welding angle, different cage geometries are available for the respective areas of application, such as bored piles, driven piles, precast concrete columns and masts. The index plates can be equipped with longitudinal wire guides for diameters of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm and 25mm. Further customer-specific index plates with special welding angles are used for round, oval and triangular geometries as well as double wires.

A maximum 1,500kg of wire can be wound onto the winding wire coil. The winding wire coil is wound in the machine by a winding device: a layer winder. The reel is equipped with a switch-off function and an adjustable reel attachment and is designed for coil sizes with an internal diameter of 370mm up to 900mm, a maximum external diameter of 1,200mm, and a coil height of up to 850mm and a maximum coil weight of 3,000kg. Driven reels or adaptations for the coils typical of the country are possible at any time. The high welding performance is provided by the optimised welding transformer.

Possible cage geometries

Round cages can be produced up to a cage length of 3,000mm to 14,000mm, and with different cage diameters:

 - 190mm to 570mm with 8 longitudinal wires 45 degree each

 - 140mm to 570mm with 5 longitudinal wires 72 degree each

 - 240mm to 570mm with 10 longitudinal wires 36 degree each

 - 150mm to 570mm with 6 longitudinal wires 60 degree each

 - 270mm to 570mm with 12 longitudinal wires 30 degree each

 Further geometries such as oval are possible.

The diameter of the longitudinal wires thereby ranges from 8mm to 25mm that of the winding wire from 5mm to 8mm. The winding wire pitch lies in the range from 8mm to 200mm and depends on the cage size.

Square cages lengths can be selected in the dimension of 3,000mm to 14,000mm. Four longitudinal wires are used with a diameter of 8mm to 25mm, a winding wire diameter of 5mm to 8mm and a winding wire pitch of 20mm to 200mm, depending on the cage size.

Rectangular cages are possible in lengths of 3,000mm to 14,000mm. The production requirements include four longitudinal wires with a diameter of 8mm to 25mm, a winding wire diameter of 5mm to 8mm and a winding wire pitch that depends on the cage size.

The machines are equipped with a cage support rail and a reinforcing steel mesh cutter at the cage extraction. Optionally, a cage removal device or an ejector can also be installed. Feed trolley with longitudinal wire clamping. They are controlled by means of IPS and soft-PLC. The technical and safety implementation are CE-compliant.

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