30/11/2021 – “PL AKK” series from Eurobend

Flexible mesh welding machine

The mesh welding lines of the “PL AKK” Series from Eurobend are capable of producing large and small batches-orders consecutively without any downtime. The only welding machine that produces precision mesh off coil.


“PL AKK” mesh welding line. © Eurobend


Line wire feeding unit. © Eurobend

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The concept behind the “AKK” series allows automatic mesh spacing and dimensions changes, making it the only flexible high production coil-fed mesh welding line, as it can produce all mesh types instantly without any adjustments. The double line and cross wire de-coiling station replaces the non flexible arrays of coils of the conventional mesh welding machines. It offers a compact system layout requiring minimum floor space requirements.

No downtime when changing wire coils, wire spacing or mesh dimensions. The unique wire feeding system that ensures diameter changes in a fraction of time in comparison to the conventional mesh welding lines, allowing multiple diameter changes in one shift (or day) without wasting time and production.

Equipped with the patented “Automatic Wire Orientation System” (AWOS), which allows the use of a high speed roller straightening module for line wire feeding. AWOS absorbs all wire straightening imperfections from the roller straightener. This unique Automatic Wire Orientation System ensures perfectly flat mesh panels regardless of wire and straightening quality. It is fully programmable and capable of processing all types of material, smooth or ribbed.

The AKK series are equipped with independent heavy duty hydraulic or pneumatically operated welding heads. Due to programmable cross wire placement, different cross wire spacing is possible within the same mesh. The cross wires can be welded above and below the line wires for compact stacking. Mesh turning unit is also available.

Mesh advancing either through a servo-driven carrier offering exceptional accuracy, or through a compact layout servo-driven roller feeder. Roller or laterally discharging chain conveyors with height adjustment are available. Remote access via Internet connection for troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

The AKK Series are available in machine versions, processing diameters up to 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm coiled or spooled material.

The new “PL AKK” welding line has set new standards in mesh production. This new, innovative design eliminates all idle times and increases significantly the productivity in comparison to conventional welding lines. All advantages from off-coil and pre-cut welding machines and more, are combined in one machine.

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