24/03/2021 – Wire processing / straightening

Expert knowledge and reliable products

For decades, the Berlin-based Witels-Albert GmbH has focused on the development, manufacture and supply of innovative products and services for wire processing.


Roller box “RC 10”. © Witels-Albert


Partly completed machine “RZ PN” series. © Witels-Albert

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The expert knowledge of the Witels-Albert GmbH for the selection of suitable products can be used in the best possible way, if the individual data and boundary conditions of an application are known and communicated. To support the communication between interested parties and the company Witels-Albert, questionnaires and guidelines as well as the online program “S4Y -Service For You” are offered. This makes it possible to coordinate very quickly on the basis of the facts and within the framework of an online meeting. Webinars and online trainings of Witels-Albert are mainly used for the training of employees. They provide participants with valuable information and suggestions that are quantified in terms of added value.

Roller boxes “RK VE SH” series

The communication between interested parties, customers and the supplier implies the development of new products and the further development of existing products. There is a trend towards the need for products with tools that ensure longer tool life. Roller boxes “RK VE SH” series satisfy the demand, as they allow radial and axial displacement and securing of the guide rollers. In this way, the contact or wear point between the tool and the workpiece wire can be shifted and up to 4 times longer service life for the guide rollers can be achieved when guiding round wires up to 10mm in diameter.

Newly developed “RC 10” roller boxes

In order to save the budget for the purchase of roller guides and to minimize the expenses for maintenance during operation, the use of the newly developed roller boxes “RC 10” is recommended. For wire diameters up to 10mm, RC 10 roller boxes impress with the minimized number of guide rollers required to reliably ensure a reliable wire path. The gap for guiding the wire is formed by using only two instead of four guide rollers. The new design concept incorporates a new roller profile, the use of sealed roller bearings and a through hardened and wear-resistant tool steel. The torsionally rigid design can be mounted with two or four screws. If necessary, the roller axles and rollers can be replaced in no time at all. The uncompromising simplification results in a sales price that is 60% lower than the sales price of comparable roller boxes.

Machines “RZ PN” series

In response to the ever-increasing level of automation of lines for the production and processing of process materials, the partly completed machines of the “RZ PN” series offer centric guiding of long products. After manual unlocking, a pneumatic actuator synchronously adjusts four cylindrical guide rollers centrally to the desired opening. Each partly completed machine roller guide of the RZ PN series is equipped ex works with “Cromax” rollers and supplied with an installation declaration, assembly instructions and a machine plate. Alternative roller materials and hardened guide rollers are also available. Six sizes cover a range up to a maximum process material diameter of 500mm.

Wire feeder “NA 120 M”

The processing of wires with a diameter of more than 8mm is associated with challenges, as the high moment of inertia requires correspondingly high forces and torques when handling the process material. In accordance with the Directive 2006/42/EC, the physical stresses for the operating personnel must be reduced to a minimum.

Against this background, the new actuator-driven wire feeder “NA 120 M” provides the necessary transport force to relieve the operating personnel in the daily routine of feeding wire. The design of the wire feeder offers an attractive price/performance ratio. An important element of the new concept is the use of alternative pneumatic actuators for clamping the process material between the two transport rollers of a drive unit. The shaft associated with each transport roller is rotatable mounted in a chock. In the horizontal installation position (shaft orientation horizontal), the lower chock is fixed mounted in the base body. The upper chock is radially adjustable by the pneumatic actuators. The specifically designed chocks are manufactured in tight dimensions without grinding. This reduces production costs and manufacturing time. Each transport roller is driven and has two grooves to transport wires in a diameter range from 5mm to 15mm. The factory-mounted drive motor and associated spur gearbox accelerate the wire to a transport speed of 0.2m/s. A change in the nominal frequency of 50Hz results in correspondingly lower or higher transport speeds in the setting range. If a coefficient of friction of 0.1 is assumed between the process material wire and the transport rollers, each robust and compactly designed NA 120 M feeding unit provides a transport force of 1.6kN. Depending on the plane of the wire curvature, feeding units with horizontal or vertical orientation can be integrated into processing lines. The mounting plate of each unit is designed with corresponding vertical and horizontal bores for application.

Interested parties and machine users of Witels-Albert benefit worldwide from the company's expert knowledge, which covers manifold variants and boundary conditions of applications related to the production and processing of wire. Different wire materials and cross-sections as well as various influencing parameters of specific processing lines require a high variety of designs and sizes for products for guiding, straightening and transporting the process material wire.

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