27/04/2023 – Wire processing

Bending flexibility

Eurobend GmbH has developed a range of automatic wire bending machines, working from coil. Two of them are the main bending types, which have a number of innovative features.


“Model G-Star F Tris” with infinitely rotating bending head. © Eurobend


“Model G-Multi” with three simultaneously infinitely rotating bending heads. © Eurobend


The “G-Star F”, a single head machine and Eurobend´s unique novelty, the “G-Multi” series, can be equipped with two to six bending heads working simultaneously, so that the machine can be adapted to any desired production capacity. It offers a combination of multi-side production performance and CNC wire bending machine versatility.

Multiply productivity in one move
Industrial or decorative shapes of any complexity can instantly be created and then produced in thousands on the spot.These automatic wire bending machines have a combination of features that give their owner a competitive edge over the competition.

The characteristics in detail:
– infinitely rotating bending head
– 3-D wire twisting unit
– adjustable counter-torsion (anti-twist) system guarantees always flat shapes regardless of wire quality, bending direction etc (patented)
– fast and accurate wire diameter changes, completed in less than two minutes, thanks to a carefully designed pre-setting system
– user friendly Windows-based software with unlimited programming possibilities
– on-line real-time communication for immediate technical support provision
– straightening unit with even straightening force distribution, due to power transmission to all straightening rollers.

There are four different machine versions available, processing from 2mm up to 13mm.

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