“BMS 50” with view of the feed area with the protective hood open. © Wafios

08/03/2023 – Wafios multi-head wire bending machines “BT” and “BMS”

Wafios multi-head wire bending machines “BT” and “BMS”

New benchmarks in output, flexibility and precision

With the “BT” and “BMS” series, the long-established company Wafios, based in Reutlingen, Germany, is setting new benchmarks in the production of complex ... By  Jörg Dambock

The “VAS-TRH” line pulls wire from a coil or an in-line drawer, cuts it to the right length, shapes the head and threads the bolt. © Videx

07/03/2023 – Wire processing

Wire processing

Cold heading system for long fasteners

A long-bolt line from Videx manufactures long bolts directly from the wire coil in a fully automatic, unmanned process, which saves 100% of the material ... By  Jörg Dambock

The straightening machine “APR 1000” is able to straighten fine wires and microtubes with extreme levels of precision. © Simplex-Rapid

06/03/2023 – Straightening extra fine wire and microtubes

Straightening extra fine wire and microtubes

A highly reliable and extremely precise process

Besides coilers, Simplex Rapid manufactures straightening machines as well. All their products meet the highest standard of precision, which has become ... By  Jörg Dambock

Nexans has refined the sorting of aluminium scrap at its production sites in Europe. © Trimet

28/02/2023 – Collaborative project between Nexans and Trimet

Collaborative project between Nexans and Trimet

Eco-balance of power cables

Trimet and Nexans have developed a new product able to meet the high technical requirements on the mechanical properties and conductivity of the alloy ... By  Jörg Dambock

The “Vacudest M” treats the used emulsion from the drawing process so efficiently that the treated water is suitable as the basis for the new wire drawing emulsion. © Anka-Draht

24/02/2023 – Wire drawing / Preparation

Wire drawing / Preparation

Savings thanks to internal wastewater treatment

High waste management costs for the disposal of industrial wastewater prompted Anka-Draht to think about ways to save money and to procure a wastewater ... Catherine Akintschin

Due to their good general properties, fluoropolymers can also be used under difficult conditions, so that the use of insulation and the dimensions of the cables can be reduced. © Delta Tecnic

27/01/2023 – Fluoropolymers


Delta Tecnic improves cable properties

Delta Tecnic, a benchmark company in the production of masterbatches for the cable and PVC industry, values the manufacture of masterbatches and coloured ... By  Jörg Dambock

ENDURANCE™ HFDD-4201 Compound for Cable Systems enables a significant reduction in degassing time. © DifferR/

18/01/2023 – Advertisement


Considerations for the effective decarbonization of cable systems

I recently had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the August 2022 Session of the International Council of Large Electric Systems (@CIGRE) in Paris. ... by Dow Chemical Europe