Stainless steel wires by AGST

AGST Draht+Biegetechnik is one of Europe’s leading supplier for stainless steel wires. The German company is especially focused on grades with good bending properties and high surface requirements, which are delivered to customers around the globe.





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Recently a third warehouse with modern high racks was opened which expands the company’s storage capacity to more than 1,500t. AGST Draht+Biegetechnik’s product range of stainless steel wires includes austenitic, ferritic, duplex and heat resistant steels in dimensions between 0.10mm and 20mm. All commodity grades like 204Cu, 302, 304L and 316L, but also less common materials such as 310, 253MA and 4362 are offered. Stainless steel wires in spring quality, ranging from 0.10mm to 10.00mm, as well as LC wires and cold heading wires supplement the portfolio. Different surfaces, shapes and treatment conditions and a variety of packagings such as coils, rings, spools and drums allow to fulfil the need of the company’s customers in Europe and overseas.

AGST Draht+ Biegetechnik GmbH
wire 2020, hall 10 booth A 32
Tel.: +49 2263 9240-0

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