Inline pre-treatment of wire

German Witechs is a technology leader in the inline pre-treatment of wire. The company’s service range includes wire pay-offs, systems for the mechanical descaling of wire as well as the coating and cleaning of wire in diameter range 3mm up to 30mm.


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New technical highlight is the double-head sander model “SEZ-4-300”. The first this type was gone into operation in a welding wire pre-treatment line with Koch for an international major customer in Germany. Witechs improved this model with the two-roll flyer system “2-RFS”, which has been proven in the model “SEZ-2-450” for more than two years. It’s working with the same external dimensions and the technical data as the previous model “SEZ-6-300”, such as maximum wire entry speed of 2.4m/s with two different sanding belts.

Advantages of the two-roll flyer system are

 - Less vibration during machine operation

 - Larger loop and contact surface of the sanding belts

 - Less wear of the roller bearings by the support arm

 - Better sand belt tracking by increased roll diameter with 12% larger belt contact surface

 - More stable roller guidance

 - Compatibility of flyers and flyer drives with SEZ-2-450, and

 - Sanding belt dimensions of 1.440mm x 300mm

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