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Offering innovative and high value added concepts with over 70 years of expertise in the field of reconditioning die working equipments, Eder-Austria is sustaining and developing its distinctive advanced position across the globe.


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Eder presents at “wire” a variety of latest technological developments in drawing die-tool working machines, allowing the users to benefit by:

 - longer life of the dies and higher tonnage drawn

 - accurate reconditioning of the die and durability with minimal maintenance costs

 - lower operational costs and reduction of manpower (due to high degree of automation built-in)

Eder-Austria shows die-tool processing machines for the repair and/or production of ultrahard tungsten carbide-, diamond-, PCD precision die-tools (standard-, semi-, automatic- and automatic conceptions). Some examples of Eder machines at “wire” will be presented live by staff and/or on a video wall.

- die workshop ancillary equipment (cleaning/measuring devices, microscopes etc.)

 - technical assistance programs (installation, training, die-reconditioning etc.)

 - die tool working materials (eg. Diamond powders, pastes, suspensions, grinding-, sizing- and measuring pins etc.)

- “ETC-1/HF”: Efficient tungsten carbide die grinding and polishing equipment with a very large work-range of between 0.70 up to 20 mm dia.

- “ETC-2 LS”: For sizing and polishing tungsten carbide dies in the larger bore size range, of 1.0mm up to even& 40mm dia.

 - a new larger “ETC-3 EL” unit works round Tc dies with bigger bore-sizes up to 70mm dia.

Particularly for refurbishing of the continuously growing quantity of PCD dies in use at multi-wire drawing machines, Eder presents a unique Ultrasonic machine, model “USP-TWIN”, with two workstations, which can efficiently work all die-sizes in a large range between 0.05 up to 8.0 mm dia. This machine can be operated by only one person, same time doubling its output.

Additionally, some special die-workshop ancillary devices and other machines will be demonstrated at the Eder stand.

 For the processing of diamond/PCD dies shown will be also the Ultrasonic model USP-115 and the high-speed wire-type HGM-21 sizing/calibrating machine.

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