Coil winder and static decoiler

Collari will be presenting at “wire” Coil Winder mod. “BAU180E” and the Static Decoiler mod. “SV2”. The coil winder is a simple to use machine for turn to turn winding of normal or coated ductile wires, annealed or zinc plated iron, copper, zinc aluminium, with diameters up to 5.0mm.


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Coil dimensions are: outer diameter max. 670mm, inner diameter 550mm, coil width 100mm (or 50mm), weight up to 50kg (for width 50mm weight up to 25kg). It’s equipped with wire-guide pitch electronic adjustment, simply by setting the desired pitch directly on a special keyboard. This system makes the machine extremely flexible and rapid for winding any diameter of wire with maximum precision.

The windings stops when the desired coiled wire numbers of layers is reached, and already position for the next coil. An automatic pneumatic system extracts from the winding drum the finished bounded coil and carries it out for easy removal. The coil winder is combined with their unwinder-static decoiler mod. SV2 that is easily and suitable combined with all of our coil winder models and with other equipment too. It’s adapt for using either big skein up to about 1,000kg or special/standard internal basket indifferently, with about max 1,500mm height. It’s suitable for reaching the speed of 7m/s .

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