07/11/2023 – Successful commissioning of Kocks block at Henan Jiyuan Iron+Steel

Biggest Kocks “RSB” rolls first bar in China

The Chinese steel producer Henan Jiyuan Iron+Steel Co. Ltd. has successfully rolled the first bar on its new reducing and sizing block “RSB 500++/4” in 5.0 design after a smooth erection and commissioning period.


First bar on Kocks “RSB 500++/4” at Jiyuan Iron+Steel. © Friedrich Kocks


It marks an important milestone in the big bar mill revamping project, which underscores the company's commitment to ongoing improvements and innovations in steel production. Henan Jiyuan Iron+Steel Co. Ltd. is a Chinese steel producer based in Jiyuan City, Henan Province, China. The company is known for its production of special bar quality steel products (SBQ) and is a significant player in the Chinese steel industry. Its steel products are used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing and automotive. The Kocks block now in operation is the third one at Jiyuan, following previous orders for an “RSB 300++/4” in 2019 and an “RSB 370++/4” in 2008, respectively.

The Kocks „RSB 500++/4” has been installed in the big bar mill line of the Chinese company as part of a revamping project and produces straight bars within a dimension of Ø 50.0mm to 160.0mm onto the cooling bed. It is designed to allow thermomechanical rolling to significantly improve the material properties already during the rolling process

This biggest reducing and sizing block features the remote controlled roll gap adjustment (RC) and equipment for the roll shop, including the “Bamicon Octopus” software and hardware that assist operators in the stand and guide preparation and support the entire tooling process in the roll shop. The block is the first of this size to feature the further advanced “RSB” design presented by Kocks at this year's Metec.