Your teaser newsletter - guidelines and examples

Are you looking to increase the impact of your text-type advert with a teaser in our newsletter? We offer you the opportunity to place your content in the editorial context of our newsletter.

Your message will have the look and feel of an editorial teaser and will be incorporated in the newsletter. It will be sent to our target groups with no waste dispersion.

To ensure your teaser is a good fit for the layout of our newsletter, we have drawn up a set of useful guidelines and examples for you.


A teaser in the newsletter is only available in conjunction with an advertorial on our website and will be labelled as an “advert”.

Please note that, for legal reasons, we are not permitted to sell addresses or to send external newsletters to our readers.

The following guidelines apply for teasers in the newsletter. They must be observed so that the teasers can be displayed correctly:

Headline: max. 35 characters

  • Teaser-Text: max. 350 characters
  • Image: 1 Image
    • Min. width: 1,000 pixels (16:10)
    • Resolution: 72 dpi

Please ensure you follow the guidelines so that the banners can be published on time.

Newsletter Teaser