Your company profile on our website

Wanting to place your products, messages and topics in an editorial context? We offer you the opportunity to target our readers with classical advertising as well as a mix of editorial content and your advertising/brand message under your own company profile.

Having your company profile on our website means that news from your company, your contact details and events will appear alongside editorial articles by our journalists.

To ensure the content of your company profile is a good fit for the overall image of WIRE, we have drawn up a set of useful guidelines and examples for you.


Your company profile and address will be featured on our website.

Although we are obliged to label all advertorials as adverts, they blend in perfectly with the editorial content.

To ensure that the content is displayed correctly, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Your cover:
    • format: 1500 x 500 pixels
    • size: max. 100 K
    • data formats: GIF/JPG
  • Your text:
    • max. 500 characters (with spaces)
  • Your contact details: (box)
    • max. 200 characters (with spaces)
    • Optional: teaser image of the contact person or a logo with a minimum width of 800 pixels and a resolution of 72 dpi.
  • Further information: (box)
    • max. 200 characters (with spaces). The integration of external links is possible.
  • Collection of text adverts and editorial contributions:
    • In the lower area, all articles that have been published about your company are collected. Both editorial reports or product announcements and advertorials find space here..
    • See guidelines for advertorials.

We would be pleased to advise you and develop your company profile in collaboration with you.